Maggie McKenna is a critical, creative, visual thinker living in New York City.

She likes to work behind the scenes in photography, video, and other visual experiences to concept and convey a message using her knowledge and interest in the language of imagery.

She started working as an Assistant Photo Editor at Family Circle, a Meredith Corporation publication, upon graduating in 2017.

She earned a BFA in Photography + Video from The School of Visual Arts under the Silas H. Rhodes scholarship. She graduated with Honors, completed 7 internships, and produced several student photo shoots. Notable professors include Joseph Maida, Stephen Frailey, Scott Thode, William Hunt, Justin O'Neil, Marcia Lippmann, Sally Gall, Katherine Newbegin, Josef Astor, Bill Beckley.

She was selected to show her work in her senior class's Mentor Show under the mentorship of Jody Quon, the Photo Director of New York Magazine and The Cut.

Selections of her artwork from The Makeup Portraits were published in Visual Opinions in 2016,Ten in 2016, and shown in The Boring Boys Club group art show in 2017.

Maggie McKenna

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